Master Gate Pack Information

Pack 1 is a tool for establishing and helping you maintain Presence. It contains three light programmes which can be used individually or together: Presence which draws your attention to your heart chakra and anchors you in divine consciousness in the present moment; Meditation and Centring which supports meditation and helps you to remain centred in the place from which all life can be lived; and Illumination and Discernment which opens the bridge to the Higher Self and the bridge from the Higher Self to the I Am Presence so that you can receive illumination and knowing from the divine source of your being. The purpose of this 'Presence Pack' is to help you become accustomed to holding yourself in a place of Presence all the time, so that you can live life from the divine centre of your being. (Shabdan's guides have said that Pack 1 is crucial because it can help us find the place of divine balance within from which we can live our whole lives. Feedback so far has been excellent - Pack 1 can be used for meditation and healing, or while doing everyday tasks to develop the capacity to approach everything we do as a living meditation).

Pack 2 is a healing and clearing tool comprising three further light programmes: Purification which assists in the release of energy patterns and reactions to fear and clears the influences that prevent alignment to divine consciousness; Fear Release which releases the elements that bind you to fear, thus dissolving what is not aligned to love; and Love and Light which is to be used after the first two programmes to fill all the spaces within you with high-vibration love and light.


Pack 3 comprises the energy of the former Angel Chambers 1 and 2, plus the new Angel Chamber 3. Renamed Angel Gates, Angel Gate 1 helps you link with your Guardian Angel and Archangel and with your angelic essence, Angel Gate 2 facilitates powerful healing and earth healing in combination with the angelic realms and helps you open out your divine essence, and Angel Gate 3 enables you to be the human representative in a powerful triangle with the angelic realms and the devic realms to bring healing to Nature - and in doing this you are re-establishing a wonderful natural balance.

Pack 4 contains Angels Gates 4, 5 and 6. These are advanced healing tools for working with the angels. With Angel Gate 4 you can work with the angels through the An-tu grid, a positive light grid around the Earth that has 2 million pillars of angelic light connected to it. With Angel Gate 5 you can send healing to the common consciousness. With Angel Gate 6 you can work on the sacred geometry configurations in your energy field and in the space around you.