The Nature Kingdom Energy Cards are provided as A4 or A5 laminated cards in various colours, with symbols from the Crystal and Plant Realms printed on them. This information opens in a separate window. Please simply close when finished.

Aromatherapy Oil Enhancer
(purple card A4 or A5)
This card links back to the plant kingdom and re-connects the extracts in your aromatherapy oils with energising vibrations. Store your oils on the card, or refresh them before use.

Crystal Cleanse
(yellow card A4 or A5)
Crystals love this connection to the mineral realms! You can cleanse them by placing them on the card for 5 minutes (as opposed to soaking them in water for hours or burying them), or give them a short vacation in the energy from ‘back home’ by leaving them on the card overnight. If you are tuned in to your crystals you will see and feel the difference.

Remedy Rebalance
(green card A4 or A5)
This is for water or alcohol based remedies. It will refresh their energy and bring them into perfect balance before use.

Water Cleanse
(blue card A4 or A5)
This card removes old patterning from water (water holds a memory of materials it has been in contact with) so that you drink it as nature intended. It can be used to cleanse the water in other liquids, for example milk, but is not suitable for use with homeopathic remedies as it is designed to remove the patterning.

Revitalising Radiance
(orange card A5 only)
This card allows you to programme water with the healing energy you need at any given time. Your heart knows exactly what is best for you. Hold your hand to your heart with the intention of receiving the energy you need, then hold your hand to the card. It will absorb the energy and transmit it to a glass of water placed on the card directly afterwards. You can then sip the ‘remedy’ you have prepared containing exactly what you need to revitalise you.

Money Cleanse
(red card A4 only)
Money Cleanse purifies money and cheques from the limitations of attachment. Use it before you place money in you bank account or savings to keep it clear of the attachment others may have placed on it. You may choose to cleanse money and cheques you give out if you feel you may have abundance issues. Cleansing money energy in this way will help to promote the free flow of money energy through your life.