Spiritual Technology and Free Tools

What is Spiritual Technology?

Spiritual Technology is the phrase coined by Shabdan and Shastra to describe the incredible power held in spiritual symbols that, when combined, can access extremely high levels of vibration coming from Source, or the One State, to bring powerful healing for all realms in the Earth.

Shabdan first discovered the power of symbols when he channelled Ascension Reiki during the nineties. His guides showed him that, when an attunement was given, fine healing vibrations could be accessed by tracing over symbols or saying their names. Through the process of developing the 'Wheel of Inner Health' (whose matrix now forms the basis of SoNa Radiance), Shabdan began to realise that it was possible - at the level of spiritual connection that he was now able to access - to link with a wide range of tools without the need for an attunement.

The Wheel of Inner Health

As Shabdan grew spiritually he began to remember that these symbols are a part of his keys and that he could access powerful healing vibrations in Creation through them. Through combinations of symbols placed within a double circle, which is actually a representation of a twelve-stranded clockwise spiral of light coming from Source into the earth, doorways can be opened into the Angelic and Spiritual Realms. The double circle, one of the 19 Ascension Reiki symbols, is called eatu-na-vey and holds the vibration of ascension.

The tools Iona Light offers have been brought forward at this time to assist us in healing more easily. They help us to create energetic pathways within ourselves to the Spiritual realms and allow us to access very pure healing vibrations. If used on a regular basis, substantial feedback from clients confirms that they can impact spiritual growth positively and to a significant degree.