Iona Light Workshops Information

Our plans are still open, but our Programme Page will give details of events as they emerge. This has been another year of preparation and development to prepare online access in order to allow people from further afield to take part in this work without having to travel. To hear about new workshops and appearances, please sign up to our email list. Emails are occasional so you will not be swamped!

General Information

Some of the courses that have been run by Shabdan and Shastra through Iona Light are described below or in page links from this page. Please keep an eye out on the Programme Page for scheduled dates or sign up to our mailing list to hear about new additions to the programme. If something catches your eye but is not scheduled, please let us know about your interest - we can always discuss setting up new events if there is enough interest.

We also hold online workshops via an online meeting provider and also smaller events via Skype (or alternatively by phone or conference call) so that people from outside the UK and people who cannot travel easily due to home commitments can participate in what we have to offer. Key courses like 'In Shambhala Fields', which provides a really useful set of alignments and advanced tools, are available through this medium. Contact us if you are interested in this way of working with us, as courses can be arranged to suit you.

For a list of all current events in date order, please see the Programme page.

Workshop Development

Shabdan developed his work with the Keys of Creation, the Angelic Realms, the Ascended Masters and Shambhala for many years. More recently he has connected with Supra-Consciousness, the Overlighting Devas of Creation and The Moses Light. Some of this work is channelled into workshops of which there are at least three kinds: Training Workshops offering material or attunements, tools and wisdom developed in his Shambhala Heart Ascension School programme; Healing and Development Workshops which are dynamic and respond to the needs of the group that gathers to take part; Experimental Workshops (usually healing retreats) in which Shabdan and his guides try out new ideas to see how well we cope with them!

However now he is moving in new directions that build on his previous work and experience but move the emphasis much more towards gently facilitating self-realisation, for example through healing music and the creation of exceptional energy spaces which lead the soul to orientate mroe fully towards the light. In the course of this coming year we hope that this new direction will manifest in new workshops and events.

Online Workshops

Join Shabdan for workshops from anywhere in the world with an internet link or (selected countries) via a national phone line. After you register and pay for the workshop you receive an email with joining instructions and the unique workshop access code. Use this to connect via the website address we send, or dial in via the phone network. If you join via internet you can see and hear Shabdan and you can ask questions via chatbox or microphone. Once the meeting is set up and you receive the code, you can got there at any time beforehand to check your audio connections. If you have any problems you can call or text us on the numbers given in the joining instructions. It is really easy to do, and you can be part of the energy from the comfort of your own environment. Check out the feedback from the latest online workshop.

We can also use this system for the smaller training workshops Shastra has been running on Skype, and we plan to enhance the range of options on offer.

Ongoing Projects

The Light Key System is a way to work spiritually at home using a range of remarkable spiritual tools that are updated as new discoveries emerge. They are based on the Keys of Creation, and are a chance to hold your own daily self-healing workshop.

The W.I.S.E actions that took place on selected full moons from December 2012 offer online mini-workshops in the form of mp3 files that you can listen to or download for free, with the bonus that you also contribute to world healing every time you listen to them. Find them on the W.I.S.E. page on Shabdan's website (opens in a new page).

Skype/Telephone Courses: Shastra has held individual or small-group Sheh-An-Na-Shan and In Shambhala Fields workshops with participants from the USA and UK, but this can be done wherever there is a Skype or telephone connection, and there are a few more courses that are also suitable for this. Please contact us if you are interested in arranging any of these.

Workshop Small Print

Our ECO Payment Policy

For electronic payments (BACS in the UK and PayPal for overseas), which is our preferred method now, most online workshops require payment in full in advance. For in-person workshops we may ask you to send a deposit and set up the payment/s for the balance for a specified future date at the same time,and let us know you have done so. Again, this saves time in chasing people up. We hope you will support us in this.

For payments by cheque, we ask you to send your deposit together with a balance cheque for a specified date. The deposit is non-returnable, and the balance can be returned up to the date on the cheque - except for residential courses where cancellations can only be refunded if another suitable participant can be found to fill your place (for more information on terms and conditions click here. This enables us to honour financial commitments with venues, saves time, letters/phone calls and energy chasing up balances and uses fewer envelopes, stamps and paper.

Payment Plans
We are keen to help people participate in our workshops, particularly as they only happen from time to time and are a precious point of contact. For non-residential workshops there may be a few subsidised places available for people on benefit or with low incomes. We also offer Payment Plans in the form of payment in instalments over a longer period to help you spread the cost.

Terms and Conditions for Workshops For many years we worked without terms and conditions, but we were sometimes exposed to challenging financial situations when people booked and then cancelled at the last minute, particularly for residential courses. We realised that we needed to have a more formal arrangement with participants in order to allow us to be sure of honouring commitments to venues and to be able to pay our bills. Please read the terms and conditions for both residential and non-residential workshops before you book. By booking with us, you agree to these simple terms.