River of Light Consciousness Stream

UPDATE 25 JULY 2006 The full commissioning of the River of Light internet radio broadcast went out at 7pm UK time today 20 July and there will be further broadcasts if you missed it. We know that the River of Light has been fully commissioned and all we need is for you to join us through the coming net broadcasts to complete the work. Once this work has been done we can begin to use the River of Light for profound self and world healing work.

There will be new rebroadcasts on Tuesday 25 July, Wednesday 26 July and Thursday 27 July from 7 - 8pm, but please check Net Talk Radio for any updates on these times (scroll down on front page 1 or 2)... All times are UK summer time, which is GMT + 1. To listen live to Net Talk at these times click here. You really need a broadband connection to get the full show but you can still link in on dial-up. Given all the challenges to getting this broadcast out, including website and server crashes, please also support the venture with your prayers. Thank you to everyone who is/has/will participate!

Thank you if you joined us for this important work. Details of the next planned events linked with the River of Light - for example, working with guardian angels - are coming soon.


Due to broadband challenges, we recorded the River of Light event at Quest in advance of the live event - the experience was amazing! We still hoped that the broadcast would go out simultaneously with the live event, but as many of you will know, that didn't happen. However, since we sent the energy of the broadcast to the moment of the live event, we all felt the energy of the internet participants in Devon on 9 July. Time doesn't really exist, so there is no problem here, but we do still need you to tune and participate when the event is broadcast on www.nettalkradio.co.uk, which we now believe will be at 6pm next Sunday 16 July 2006 - but keep an eye on their website to keep updated with their plans. Everyone who participated shifted their vibration upwards by 4 octaves, and the same will be true for everyone who takes part on the internet! This is a major suport to your healing and to that of all life on the Earth planes, and so we urge you to join in! Many thanks for your interest, support and blessings. We are still on the road and will try to keep this site updated as well, but it is technically complex, so Net Talk Radio's site will be the final word on when the event is going out. You'll hear us singing a beautiful Seraphim song to harmonise everyone, together with Tim Wheater and Natalie Shaw, and receive some wonderful heaing in exchange for your light work in support of the River of Light!

UPDATE 4 July 2006

We are delighted to announce that renowned spiritual musicians Tim Wheater and Natalie Shaw have agreed to do a ten-minute slot with us during the broadcast River of Light harmonisation event on 9 July (event from 6 - 7pm), to bring in the energy and harmonise everyone participating in person and on the Internet via www.nettalkradio.co.uk (see 19 June update for active link). This will add a wonderful energy to an already special event at Quest 2006 in Devon.

UPDATE 19 June 2006

In all, with the figures from the video broadcast, over 32,000 people participated in the River of Light event in March. The next big opportunity is when we are at Quest 2006 in Devon. We hope again to cooperate with Ross Hemsworth of Net Talk Radio to stream a 1 hour event on Sunday 9 July from 6 - 7pm during which we will work to harmonise the River of Light energies with all the light grids around the Earth. Please join in and help us to do this work!! Come along in person to Quest 2006 at Newton Abbot racecourse, or tune in to Net Talk Radio (see www.nettalkradio.co.uk) and be with us live and direct!

UPDATE 18 April 2006

We have learned that more than 6,000 people viewed the video of the River of Light event and participated in the cleansing of the consciousness stream that way. Many more also listened through the live radio broadcast. If you want to participate by working with the River now, a CD is available from us which offers an attunement and takes you through a meditation to work with the River. Playing the CD and working with the River of Light helps to keep it cleansed. Shabdan has been doing some further work behind the scenes, and we expect to take things further in the summer. More information explaining how to work with the River of Light more deeply will appear here in due course. See below for the original information and click here for more about the CD.

4 Aprll 2006

Iona Light ran a RIVER OF LIGHT WORLD EVENT on Sunday 26th March 2006 at 5pm UK time, with a live gathering at the Spiritual Tides Festival in Kent, an international live internet radio broadcast on www.nettalkradio.co.uk and a simultaneous video internet broadcast on www.mindspiritnetwork.com.

We are delighted to be able to report that the entire River of Light Consciousness Stream was cleansed around the Earth. Early indications suggest that this is already having a noticeable effect in the world. People who are spiritually sensitive have experienced changes in the way that they feel, saying that it feels lighter in their space and on the street, and that people seem to be happier. Perhaps you are also noticing changes. We would be delighted to hear about your own experiences by email (ROL@iona-light.co.uk).

Shabdan and Shastra send Love and blessings to everyone who took part in some way, whether at the event at Spiritual Tides, through the internet or just simply lent their energies!

There is a River of Light CD now available to help you to connect to the River of Light, amplify healing for you and the world and guide you in working with the River. We are hoping to introduce a Paypal system to enable people abroad to purchase a copy as soon as we can. The River of Light CD, designed to help you tune in to the River of Light once it is cleansed, is now ready. It will help to amplify your work and place positive programmes in the consciousness stream for your own healing and for the benefit of the Earth. Those who attend or tune in to the event on the 26th will be attuned to the River during the work we do together. There is an additional track on the CD to attune anyone who could not participate, so that they can use the River of Light for healing. If you would like a copy of the CD for yourself or a friend, please send a cheque for £15 (includes P&P) made out to ‘G Wyllie’. The address is Iona Light, PO Box 10070, Dundee, DD2 5YT.


River of Light CDs will be available to order from the - 2nd of April - by sending a cheque to ‘G Wyllie’ for £15 to Iona Light, PO Box 10070, Dundee, DD2 5YT.

River of Light Simultaneous Broadcast on www.mindspiritnetwork.com 5pm Sunday 26 March 2006

The River of Light Consciousness Stream is a layered energy that surrounds the Earth that can be likened to an aura of Source around the world. This amazing energy was discovered earlier this year as some earth clearing work was done in Cumbria, England. Layered like the auric field around the human body it possess light bodies beginning with the etheric, emotional, lower mental, higher mental and on towards Source.

There are spirit guardians to this energy and they have described in detail how the energy works to support all life in the Earth. They say that no life could be sustained in manifested Creation without the River of Light Consciousness Stream. The lower layers are 'polluted' - holding a reflection of the dominant species on the planet, humanity. Viewed psychically the etheric body shows murky muted colours which vary over the different continents. The upper layers become irridescent beautiful light that connect with Source.

The guardians say that this consciousness stream can be cleansed and re-aligned to Source allowing a powerful stream of higher comnsciousness to pervade the whole world. When speaking to psychically aware people they become excited and confirm that the conscious stream exists and is a very powerful healing energy for the world. All we need is a minimum gathering of 2,500 people to send out a coordinated energy wave to cleanse, re-align and to add positive light programmes to enable the world to benefit from this sacred energy stream.

A world event is planned for 26th March 2006 at 4.45pm GMT to cleanse and re-align the River of Light Consciousness Stream. Held in Kent as part of the Kent Spiritual Tides Festival, 500 people will be able to gather. Thanks to an internet company, a synchronised internet video broadcast is planned to allow as many people as possibel to take part around the world.

Much more information will appear here soon about the consciousness stream including details of the Spiritual Tides Event, how to get there and accomodation options. A link will be made to the internet video company to allow you to connect on the day. A CD will be released nearer the time to allow you make a personal connection to the River of Light and to allow you to locally programme the consciousness stream for your own powerful healing.

Keep Visiting For More Updates... Shabdan.



1. You can come to the Kent festival
2. View the pre-recorded simultaneous broadcast by going to www.mindspiritnetwork.com
3. Perhaps you can share this information with your friends and any clients. You can order A5 posters and A6 leaflets by emailing ROL@iona-light.co.uk, heading your email 'Request for ROL leaflets'.
4. Work with the River of Light after March 26th this year by ordering the CD which will help you to 'tune in' to the River of Light and support you on your healing journey.
5. Perhaps you have a group of like-minded people who would like to host a River of Light event in your area. Shabdan would be happy to discuss the possibility of doing a workshop with your group. Email him to discuss.

The River of Light Consciousness Stream - an article by Shabdan

The River of Light Consciousness Stream is an incredible layered energy around the Earth that I first discovered in the spring of 2005. I honestly believe that it has the potential to become one of the most prominent and powerful healing tools for light workers in the Earth today. At the moment it needs to be cleansed and opened out, but after that it will become available to everyone who wishes to access its light-filled power.

I was doing some house clearing energy work in Cumbria and came across a powerful block preventing the energies in my client’s house from aligning. On closer inspection I realised that the problem lay over the house. As I took my attention into the ether, I began to see a powerful energy stream that seemed to have a current running through it like a river. Since I am the third dimensional aspect of Lord Anju, Keeper of the Keys of Creation, I called upon the Keys to clear the energy stream above the house. The change was remarkable - within minutes the obstacle that was blocking major energy re-alignments in the house simply melted away.

Since then I have spent more time examining the energy and I now realise that it is a worldwide energy system - what I had observed in Cumbria was an energy current within a Source-consciousness stream called the ‘River of Light’. The river surrounds the Earth, and I was able to connect with one of its guardians, a magnificent light-being called Sheranne. The following summarises what I experienced and what she told me as I allowed her to take me deeply into the River. My partner, Shastra asked questions and took notes.

The Anatomy of the River of Light
Sheranne gave me a light language phrase to help me access the River. The first part linked me with the higher levels of my aura (already aligned to the River of Light) and the second part allowed me to link through these levels into the River of Light consciousness stream itself. Sheranne told me that the River is accessible through the auric field at the level of the Great Planes, beyond the Atmic field level within the non-material self. It is layered, like the aura around the body and it has fields that correspond to the human/spirit energy field. I believe that the collective consciousness is reflected in the River at the level of the lower and higher mental fields. The emotional reflection is held in the River’s emotional layer, and this influences the Earth’s weather patterns.

I became aware that no life could be sustained on Earth without the presence of the River. It is extremely high vibration, at the level of the energy of Source - the Source-current of life - and there is a tremendous sense of the River of Light consciousness stream being a like a ‘holo-deck’ in that it supports the patterns that are created by consciousness experiencing itself. And so as I look within it, I can see a lot of light within the consciousness stream pathways, but the lower levels – the ones closest to the physical Earth – are polluted by the attitudes and belief systems of humanity. Over the UK, for example, there is a lot of magical energy locked in it as a reflection, also strife, rigidity/frigidity (inability of the people to let go), resistance and fear.

The River Worldwide
Sheranne invited me to look at the continent of Africa. In the lower levels closest to the Earth, I saw a reddish/orange-brown out-of-balance colour, lots of insecurity fear, pain, suffering, The key words that came to me were helplessness and despair. Looking at the next layers out – connected into the collective consciousness of all life realms in the Earth - the most overwhelming sense I had was of conflict. This is where the weather patterns are being created from. I could see and sense Mother Earth’s pure heart and pure love, and her magnificent state of being in the centre of the Earth, and as I took my consciousness back out to the River I felt a sense of dark clouds looming – clouds of doom, destruction, despair. This is not Mother Earth - the collective consciousness is creating it. Mother Earth resonates at a higher level – not completely harmonious (still some discord) but beautiful.

I was asked to look at America. There was real pressure in the lower levels of the River, and that was the most overwhelming characteristic I observed – pressure. There was a feeling of conflict, but it was like everyone talking and nobody listening. The pressure seemed to reflect not listening, not feeling, not connecting, not aware, and the colours were like an orange sunset – fiery not calm – with a foreboding feeling attached, indicative of storm, and an angry, fiery brown, projecting a sense of discord and disharmony, especially to the West side of North America.

The corresponding layer for Latin America had a totally different energy – green and blue, and softer, but lower down, the River over Latin America was cloudy, grey and overcast, with the key words confusion, blocked, muzzy.

When I looked at the lower layers over Asia there was quite an uncomfortable feeling. The bottom layer was dirty and yellowish in colour, and I sensed a great deal of anger, despair, conflict, and emotion of every kind, but there was also a quiet wisdom behind it in the higher levels.

What can we do to purify the River of Light consciousness stream?
When I look to the outer layers of the River further away from the Earth, they are iridescent and absolutely stunning, and as I scan down towards the Earth they appear increasingly obstructed and blocked. Hear what Sheranne says about this:

“The River of Light consciousness stream is the correct term for this divine breath. Divine breath is a vessel within which Creation may experience itself. It is multi-dimensional. It is ever-present within all states of being. It is constant and unchanging, and yet it is forever changing. It carries the expression of Source as a pulse that beats through the veins and arteries of a human body. The River of Light consciousness stream reflects to Creation what it is in any given moment. It is a sustaining force within manifested Creation, a point of polarity whose opposite point is the void. The angels have deep connection with this consciousness stream. It is not angelic, but it is maintained through the angelic. Its present reflection within the Earth, within its lower levels, is predominantly that of the dominant species, humanity. You have understood perfectly that this River of Light consciousness stream may be purified and transformed in its lower levels so that it will allow the expression of pure divinity to reach through all levels, from the highest to the lowest. This is a blessing of incredible magnitude for the Earth planes. In a sense, the River of Light consciousness stream is a programmable structure, and may be used through the free will of those incarnate within the Earth to raise the consciousness of all life realms in the Earth. It is, in that sense, a very powerful tool for transformation. The purging of the existing patterning releases the lower levels to hold new patterns. This is a process, for once they have been purged they will begin, gradually at first, to reflect the state of being that is (of Creation), until the lower levels again reflect what is within the Earth at the present moment. The possibility for transformation of all Earth planes through this consciousness stream is enormous, and once it is within the consciousness of humanity, it is available to the Enlightened ones to use this positively for change. What is programmed into this consciousness stream is entirely the choice of the incarnate consciousness whose patterns it reflects. And so the opportunity exists for the highest possible outcome – highest consciousness – to be brought within the River of Light consciousness stream, if that is the will of the Enlightened ones within the Earth.”

Questions to Sheranne
Who are the Enlightened ones? Do you mean people who are aware lightworkers? ”Yes. Those who have the deepest understanding of Creation itself.”

Programming the River – how does it happen? “It is simple – it simply requires intention, both for purging and for reprogramming.”

How is it possible to prevent programming from those who are powerful but not in the light? “This is not possible, for every point of consciousness is connected directly to the River of Light consciousness stream. However, it is possible for the Enlightened ones to overlay light patterns within the lower levels of the River of Light consciousness stream that will constantly attract Source vibrations from the upper levels. Thus the low vibration programmes may be continuously transformed. This is a process, and the amount of transformation of the lower vibrations depends on the rate at which they are transformed, to determine whether there is a net low vibration influence reflection or a light one. This is possible, and in time with repeated enlightened programming a massive transformation of life consciousness may take place.”

How can we take this forward?
Sheranne told me that the initial requirement is for 2,500 like-minded beings to gather (the more gathered in person, the greater the benefit – this creates a resonant consciousness that will radiate out in waves of energy and is more effective than distant work). The greater the gathering, the greater the benefit to purge and then add light programmes. Several coordinated gatherings would also do – but a single wave of energy needs to go out – a collective wave. The technology of the internet can provide a medium for this. Processes of alignment (preparation) can be undertaken at the gathering to ensure that only positive intention is directed, and this will be done by the angels. Once certain basic light programmes are laid in place in the River, individuals will be able to add positive light programmes for their individual benefit and continued enlightenment. The original programmes have to be put in place first, at the initial gatherings.

Sheranne then said this to me:
“Approach many of the Enlightened ones – some will respond and others will not. Any negative intention will be transformed into light and added to the River of Light consciousness stream in a beneficial way, coordinated from the highest levels. It is the will of Creation to support such revelation, insight and understanding into a simpler and higher pathway to Enlightenment. When something of this magnitude has been understood it is given highest priority.”


This was an amazing experience for me and I really felt the truth and the power of potential that awaits us all through the River of Light. After this conversation with Sheranne, I set about creating an opportunity to cleanse and re-programme the River of Light. – The process has been straightforward. I have arranged a gathering to take place at the Spiritual Tides Festival 2006 at the Kent Event and Exhibition Centre, County Showground, Detling, Kent on 26 March 2006 from 4.30pm – 6.30pm. (See their website www.spiritualtides.com) A simultaneous internet video/sound broadcast will take place on the internet at www.mindspiritnetwork.com to allow as many people around the world to connect in with the energy wave that we will be sending into the River of Light. A CD is available to help you to connect with the River of Light afterwards, to work through it for your personal healing and to help you carry out Earth healing as you desire.

Further gatherings are being planned for later in the year, for example at the Ilkley Festival on 29 April to help build up the positive power within the lower levels of the River of Light and to cleanse it further.

It is very interesting to note the comments from Sheranne about the weather patterns being influenced by the emotional layer of the River of Light. I say this in the light of announcements made by PM Tony Blair in 2005 about the imminent ‘catastrophic’ effects of climate change ‘within the next thirty years’ and the general acceptance by the scientific community studying climate change that we are facing a substantial climate shift, including an article on the cover of the Independent newspaper 16 January 2006 by the eminent scientist James Lovelock (author of books about ‘Gaia’, a term he coined) in which he says ‘attempts to counter global warming are already doomed’. Perhaps we have a real opportunity to influence weather patterns positively through working with the River of Light. (A further article was published, again on the front page of the Independent newspaper on 11 February highlighting inevitable global warming by a mean of 2 degrees - enough to create major world climate change.)

The 26th of March marks the beginning of an ongoing process of major worldwide healing at many levels through the River of Light Consciousness Stream and I would like to invite you to take part in some way, if you feel this article resonates with you. See further information on this web page to find out how. It is so important for us all to be active in our light work, especially at this time.

River of Light CDs will be available to order from the - 2nd of April - by sending a cheque to ‘G Wyllie’ for £13.50 to Iona Light, PO Box 10070, Dundee, DD2 5YT.

River of Light Consciousness Stream