The Light Key System

An Enlightenment Programme from Shabdan

Powerful Light-Tool Kit

The Light Key System is a specialised enlightenment programme combining light keys and spiritual technology developed by Shabdan. It is tool-based and portable, so you can use it anywhere in the world to help you grow towards the state of enlightenment and beyond.

Designed to be part of your daily healing programme, it will help you maintain higher vibration and inner balance while working on body, mind and spirit using the multiple matrices it contains.

The Light Key System offers an easy way to peel away layers of emotion, karma and attachment and release baggage and aspects that no longer support the real you.

The System is an evolving spiritual process that grows as you grow. In exchange for a monthly subscription you have access to the core tools and continuing updates as well as input from Shabdan through a special members' page on his website and periodic workshops for Light Key System participants.

Really Easy to Use

The little black box that you carry with you is a healing key that operates the Light Key System but also helps you restructure body, mind, spirit and aura to a higher level through constant interaction.

The large black box builds an incredible light-filled energy space in your home or healing room that constantly entrains your consciousness towards the light - the special Diamond Matrix extends the effect throughout your property. The more you work with the tools, the higher the vibration in your space will become while the large box remains on site.

The An-Nu Texts contain different healing matrices in a handbook that you can work with at your own pace. When you join the system you receive eight matrices in the starter pack, and new ones will be sent to you at intervals.

You operate the system by holding the little box in the palm of your hand while inside the large black box energy sphere and placing your hand on a matrix. Each matrix has a description and full instructions.

Joining The Light Key System

To join contact Iona Light:


Text/SMS: 07900 046024
(+44 7900 046 024)

Call: 01382 581951 (+44 1382 581951)