• Have you been feeling tired or energetically out of sorts recently? See Shabdan's 7 June blog (front page) for something that may help.


  • Repeat of Abundance Abundantly on 7 July for those who missed it;

  • Abundance Abundantly 2 follow-up workshop on 14 July 2015 for everyone who did Abundance Abundantly in November 2014 or June and 7 July 2015

  • Crystal Insights workshop with The Crystal Keys plus a chance to gain insights into one of your own crystals on 28 July 2015.
  • Online Healing Gatherings with Shabdan in July 2015. Small-group online gatherings for intensive healing. July dates are 19 and 26 July and can be booked now.

  • Please e-mail to register for any of these workshops or contact us by text or phone to check availability.

    The Crystal Keys

    Published by Iona Light Books is a healing tool with light language, keys and healing codes to help you cleanse, connect and work with your crystals. There are also keys to heal your etheric blueprint and crystal matrices and help you contribute significantly to Earth healing. This book is an important medium of expanded connection for our time.

    Ascension Reiki

    Read all about Ascension Reiki channelled by Shabdan onthe Ascension Reiki Page. Self-attunement handbook available from us at 42 including P&P.

    Natural Health

    This CD offers a combination of inspiring words, Anaritas light language and gentle music to help you bring your physical body closer to a state of natural health. With embedded prayers that act as a foundation for real and lasting health changes and bring Source-light to you through specially programmed intentions for natural health.

    The Keys of Metatron

    A bestselling CD commissioned and supervised by Archangel Metatron and created by Shabdan with Eldron from the music realms. This powerful healing tool places the Keys of Metatron in your energy field the first time you listen, and can be used as a healing and meditation tool thereafter. For more information please click on the image above.