• New W.I.S.E. action available for December 2014 full moon! Please go to the W.I.S.E. page on Shabdan's website to participate.
  • There is also a new mini-W.I.S.E. action that can be completed in under 13 minutes to help keep the Love flowing once you have done the main one. It's short enough to do more frequently, and every little bit helps! You will find it on the W.I.S.E page below the main December W.I.S.E. action.

  • New mailing address for Iona Light, please see contact page.
  • Free gift wrap for all orders of Iona Light products in December - we can send to you or direct to the recipient. Just ask when you order!
  • New online workshops by Shabdan - Abundance workshop to be repeated next January.

  • New CD

    A Letter to You, Myself is Shabdan's latest healing CD. A recording filled with Anaritas Light Language Keys, gentle music, a heartbeat drum, the sound of the sea and Shabdan’s soothing voice reading a letter from your I Am Presence to you, inviting you to deep healing, release and consciousness transformation. This is a remarkable healing tool offering 40 minutes of high vibration healing that can reach the broken parts that need support and help to set you free.


    One of our bestselling CDs over the years has been The Keys of Metatron, commissioned and supervised by Archangel Metatron and created by Shabdan together with Eldron from the music realms. It is a powerful healing tool that places the Keys of Metatron in your energy field the first time you listen, and can be used as a healing and meditation tool thereafter. For more information please click on the image above.

    Natural Health

    This special healing tool, a CD with an accompanying information leaflet, offers a combination of inspiring words, Anaritas light language and gentle music to allow you to bring your physical body closer to a state of natural health. Embedded within the CD are prayers that run in the background as a foundation for real and lasting health changes. They are an invocation that brings Source-light through the specially programmed intentions on the CD for natural health.

    World Event

    The World Illumination Spiritual Event (W.I.S.E.) repeated again at the full moon on 6 December 2014, and can be done from now on. You will find information about it on Shabdan's website. See how people enjoyed the guided meditations for the earlier W.I.S.E. actions on Shabdan's feedback page. Read about how to participate below.

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    To take part in the next action, you will need to print out a picture that acts as a light bridge for the event (when it is posted, right click, save to your pictures files and print out), and download or access an MP3 audio file in which Shabdan talks you through the full release process with the angels and masters. For full information and to access the picture and the MP3 file, please go to Shabdan's website

    Skype and Telephone Courses

    Shastra has been the lead teacher for Sheh-An-Na-Shan since 2010, and has taught In Shambhala Fields since 2011. If you have missed these courses and would like to take them, why not talk to us about a distance course on Skype or by phone? You can do this from anywhere in the world. Several courses have already been held, and the timing can be arranged to suit you.

    Sheh-An-Na-Shan is a spiritual practice designed to hold you at a higher vibration. You learn a series of steps and then practise them until you can hold this higher state while going about your daily life. It can deepen everything that you do. The course also covers mer-ka-ba activation to the 9th dimension and linking with your angelic, crystalline and devic aspects.

    In Shambhala Fields (ISF) is our flagship light language course for self-healing tools, offering ways to balance meridians, clear karma and emotion, nurture forgiveness, and more. ISF introduces esoteric healing tools tuning in to some of the energies now being sent to Earth to help us prepare to shift consciousness, and accessing the healing gateways of Ara.