• A series of three online evening workshops on 17, 24 and 31 July working with Shabdan - see below for more information


    Working with "The Crystal Keys" book by Shabdan and with Saint Lucia, Akumi Sakusan (a master of the sacred rays of creation), the Cathedral of Surumetra and many additional masters, angels and devas, Shabdan will work with you to clear your body, mind, spirit and aura, purifying your vibration over a three week period.

    Join him in a portal of deep purification, work through the crystalline to clarify your essence and programme a quartz crystal to align you to a gateway to purity at any time you want (the crystal you choose for this needs to be of a reasonable size to hold the energies it will be asked to carry - at least 75 mm in length)


    Purification is a very important component in the healing process. It clarifies your being, clearing dense and stuck frequencies, and raises your vibration. Through a simple healing process that we will expand and develop over the course, you will feel the purifying benefit as it contributes to your spiritual journey, helping you to build a more solid spiritual foundation to stand upon.

    Please see the programme page for practical information about how to apply.

    The Crystal Keys

    Published by Iona Light Books, this is a healing tool with light language, keys and healing codes to help you cleanse, connect and work with your crystals. There are also keys to heal your etheric blueprint and crystal matrices and help you contribute significantly to Earth healing. This book is an important medium of expanded connection for our time, and will be used in the three Purification workshops online in July 2016.

    Crystal Cleanse

    Range of five Nature Kingdom Energy cards currently availableCrystal Cleanse cards are available in large (A4) or small (A5) as laminated yellow cards. It is really important to cleanse crystals regularly. They easily absorb negative energy from the environment on our behalf and can become overloaded. Crystals love this connection to the mineral realms! You can cleanse them by placing them on the card for 5 minutes (as opposed to soaking them in water for hours, waiting for a full moon or burying them), or give them a short holiday in the energy from their 'home’ by leaving them on the card overnight. If you are tuned in to your crystals you will see and feel the difference.