Training and Workshops

Shabdan has developed a variey of attunements, healing courses and workshops, some of which are now taught by Shastra. They all form part of his work to support spiritual develop and help people acquire the tools and skills they need to move forward as quickly and effectively as possible. The Shambhala Heart Ascension School is the umbrella he uses to present these modular courses which can be selected as you choose - you are the author of your own spiritual training programme. You can mix and match Shabdan's courses and tools with your own work and other techniques that work for you. Some courses can be taught online on an individual or small-group basis as well as arranged locally for larger groups, so it is always worth inquiring when you find something of interest.

Training Courses and Workshops

These are powerful Enlightenment-orientated structured healing and training courses for the 21st Century from Shabdan comprising one-day, weekend and week-long workshops and healing retreats.

Courses include:

Ascension Reiki and An-tu Attunements
A simple and powerful self/client-healing energy. Ascension Reiki can be an attunement course or a self-attunement pack. An-tu level 1 - 4 attunements are offered (one level per course) on 3-day weekends. Ascension Reiki is a pre-requisite for attunement to An-tu.

Anaritas Light Language Levels I and II
A day (one for each level) of special phrases and tools using Anaritas Light Language to create shortcuts to healing - handbooks provided. The courses offer the added bonus of special attunements.

In Shambhala Fields
This course teaches an advanced toolkit of light language and other tools, all laid out in a comprehensive handbook, that can form the basis of daily spiritual practice and assiduous self-healing. Many of the techniques have short forms which can be employed once the principal energy pathways have been created. Sheh-An-Na-Shan
This is a wonderful technique that creates an opening to permanent consciousness shift, giving you a simple daily practice to raise your vibration, active your Mer-Ka-Ba field and align with the angelic, devic and crystal realms. The course also covers Mer-Ka-Ba field activation at higher dimensions. Sheh-An-Na-Shan is the first in a series of steps, and completion of this course is a pre-requisite for the next, Veh-An-Na-Shan.

A series of daily techniques to be undertaken while holding Sheh-An-Na-Shan that include help with opening the heart, safe Kundalini awakening, working with Chi, stepping beyond 3rd dimensional paradigms, purifying the aura and chakras and moving into divine connection in the 5th dimension. Once the longer form has been practised often enough to create energy pathways, a five-minute short form is available.

Advanced Training
This incorporates extensions to Veh-An-Na-Shan plus short form tools to work on the meridians and further techniques to support your healing.

Master Classes
These six-day intensive residential healing workshops for a small group of participants are a tremendous way to heal and clear rapidly. Sessions are held with the group, but Shabdan is able to work quietly and effectively with everyone individually within that context, moving to group work where appropriate.

Towards Mastership
This course incorporates much of what Shabdan knows about tackling challenging energies in conventional healing situations. It is a four-day practical workshop incorporating plenty of time to practise the techniques and procedures learned. You can experience challenging energies in a controlled environment, allowing you to learn how to recognise them and become well-versed at clearing them, with Shabdan's help close at hand. Participants will receive healing and clearing as a by-product, but this is primarily a training couse, teaching you how to deal with difficult situations in your own self-healing or in your healing practice or sessions with clients and friends.

December Retreats
Week-long winter retreats in the sanctuary of a residential centre where you can participate in Shabdan's development work while receiving deep healing and practising your own self-healing in a supportive energy environment.

For more information on current workshop plans, please see the Programme Page and the Workshop Pages.