by Shastra

Angelic energy, crystals and sound

Essence bottles These crystal sound essences developed by Shastra incorporate the vibration of the Seraphim through crystals and channelled Seraphim sound together with pure crystal vibration and angel-inspired fragrance. They are made with special Seraphim crystals that Shastra has collected over the years together with selected additional crystals whose energy is appropriate to each essence. The elements of the essence are prepared in a crystal singing bowl whose sound opens the chakras above the crown.

During the process and ceremony of preparing these essences, spiritual technology tools such as Water Cleanse, Aromatherapy Oil Enhancer, Remedy Rebalance, Crystal Cleanse, the An-Nu-Vos matrix and Anaritas Light Language Keys have been used to preserve the purity of the vibration and intention. When you spray the essence into your aura, it tumbles through your energy field and then through your chakras (some people see this as flowers falling through the space around you), allowing the Seraphim to work with you on many levels. They have indicated that your body response to the aroma allows them to work even more deeply. One spray is enough to invoke all the benefits of the essence.

The range so far incorporates four distinctive essences:

  • Song of the Seraphim - angelic connection
  • Pure Gold Ray - strength and protection
  • Spirit of Nature - healing and nature
  • Goddess Song - courage and gorgeousness
  • Goddess Song is also available as an aroma oil

  • Further Information
    Anaritas Keys embedded in each label help to preserve the vibration of the essence, so please store your essence in its original bottle. The essences are preserved with perfumers alcohol. In combination with water this can make some of them slightly cloudy.

    Before using your essence, the natural air pump may need to be pressed a few times to prime it. Shake each bottle gently before spraying.

    Seraphim Crystal Sound Essences are available in 50ml bottles and cost 11 each.
    With the new Royal Mail postal rates, P&P in the UK is 3 for 1 bottle, but only 3.50 in total for any order from 2 to 6 bottles. Text 07900 046024 for rates for larger orders.

    Goddess Song Aroma Oil is available in 30ml dropper bottles and costs 11 per bottle. Postage rates as above.

    Future Plans
    The next essence envisioned is a link to the Sacred Rays of Creation.