In the course of his own self-healing journey, Shabdan often channels spiritual tools and processes that help him grow and progress. He is happy to share these discoveries. Some are offered in the form of healing tools like The Hand of Love, Angel Radiance and Natural Health, while others are best suited to be taught through courses.


Sheh-An-Na-Shan was first taught on a Weekend Intensive in 2006. It involves learning a series of spiritual steps that hold open a light gateway and becoming so familiar with them that you can hold them all simultaneously while living your daily life. This promotes presence, among other things. Sheh-An-Na-Shan can – with practice - be held permanently. It is an interaction with Shambhala, the fifth dimension on Earth, and is already a new and higher level of awareness in itself, containing elements of presence, balance, beauty, unconditional Love and acceptance, nurture, and a union with Creation and the angelic, devic and crystalline levels of your being.

Learning to hold Sheh-An-Na-Shan requires consistency and a spiritual discipline that comes from an inner willingness to say “I am ready to discover and explore new consciousness. I am ready to release my human beingness in the quest for new and higher truth”.

Through regular practice, holding Sheh-An-Na-Shan throughout the day becomes possible, and then easy. Think of it like this: presence is a natural state of being and unconsciousness is not – it takes a lot of effort to become as unconscious as we have become, and even more effort to sustain it – so that giving way to an awakened level of consciousness is like letting go to the real you. Sheh-An-Na-Shan addresses body, mind and spirit. Full practice of Sheh-An-Na-Shan comprises the three elements of right diet, holding the spiritual gateway open and promoting a higher level of life force. You need to adopt good nutrition - an awakened digestion and active metabolism creates a flowing life force and a deep alignment to the higher realms of consciousness that help you open up to ever-increasing vibrations of light so that you are ready to step freely into enlightenment. Consistent practice of the steps to holding open the spiritual gateway and developing inner light connections will lead you to increased presence in your daily life. You also need to activate your life force or chi - part of the good practice of Sheh-An-Na-Shan involves gentle, life-awakening body-led movement to activate the life force in the body and meridian system.

Through Sheh-An-Na-Shan your healing journey can be substantially accelerated. As with all things, let your heart guide you. Within this elevated state of being, allow your I Am presence to illuminate and guide you on your way.